You Can’t Keep a Good Plan Down

Back in January 2011 when I was part of Trimble’s Market Solutions Team, creating prototypes for new vertical markets, I met had my annual review. I had decided then that I wanted to gradually move away from day-to-day software development and towards product management.

To prepare for my meeting with Tony Scott, my manager, I came up with this chart, outlining where I would focus my efforts over the next five years.

Trimble MST 2011-2015 1b

Tony agreed with my plan and we began executing on the plan. Six months later Tony took another position within the company, the Market Solutions Team was put into a holding pattern with no work to do and eventually, in late 2012, I was assigned to work with a team in New Zealand developing TerraFlex, a product inspired by one of the prototypes I had created (I also did some project and product management for MojoTech in the interim). I forgot all about the career plan I had drawn up back in 2011.

Contacted by a recruiter via my LinkedIn profile, I joined CVS Health in April 2014 as a Manager of Mobile Application Developers. It seemed like a growth opportunity with no downside and I was a bit tired of having little say in the direction of the product I was developing.

Recently, while going through one of my old journals, I found a copy of the chart above and it made me smile. Instinctively I had been following the path I created back in 2011 and it looks like I’m right on track.

It seems you can’t keep a good plan down.

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