WordPress Tag Cloud Defaults

I discovered that my Pixar ’72 post tags weren’t showing up in my tag cloud automatically. Some googling turned up a 45 tag limit for the standard WordPress tag cloud but it’s possible to get around it by editing the PHP file containing the default setup.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the wp_widget_tag_cloud function in widgets.php (the post is over two years old and targets 2.7.1). However another Google search turned up the wp_tag_cloud function reference page which pointed me to category-template.php. In there I was able to find the defaults for the tag cloud in the wp_tag_cloud function.

I changed the ‘number’ default from “45” to “100”. Now my Pixar ’72 tags now show up in the tag cloud.

It’s not earth shattering but it goes to show how you can empower yourself with a little help from Google and a willingness to work outside your comfort zone (I would not call myself a web developer by any definition you can find out there).

Update – 12.24.11

After updating to WordPress 3.3 it looks like the changes I made in the category-template.php file (located in the wp-includes directory) are overwritten by the new version. Had to make the “number’ => 45 change again to get around the 45 tag limit. Interesting to know.

Update – 10.29.13

The file category-template.php is located in the wp-includes directory.

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