Viand Alpha – Phase 1

I gave my wife a copy of Viand to test out in “single mode” several days ago (no sync, no sharing). She appears to like it and has added custom items to the database.

I’ve noticed three minor issues that I’ll have to investigate:

  1. When you select quantities of 2 or 3 for an item to add to the Buy screen it sometimes shows up with a quantity of 1 or 2. I believe this is because the initial slider value is a floating point number which I’m displaying as an integer and there appears to be some “slack” in the slider control.
  2. I need to investigate what happens to a modified database, one that you’ve added a custom item to that’s displayed on the Buy list, when you install a new version of the app. What I think I saw is the three “default” Buy items showing up alongside the custom item. Update: Fixed, related to #3
  3. My wife reported that bought items reappeared on the Buy list after they were sent back to the Add list. Update: Fixed

Besides this I have to start looking into syncing a single list to some cloud service (probably Microsoft Azure to start with).

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