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Viand Sync Diary #4 – More Notes

Some quick notes ┬áthat I jotted down about syncing a single database between two app instances. Each app’s database will have a unique ID Generated at app startup if it doesn’t already exist Where stored? App Functions Create Account – … Continue reading

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Viand Sync Diary #1 – Overview

My wife’s been using Viand for several month’s now with no major issues (there is one minor issue related to text size that I’ll have to fix before I push to the App Store). The final piece is syncing so … Continue reading

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Initial Thoughts on Persistent Storage and Cloud Services

Two items remain before I can consider Viand ready for field-testing. Persistent storage of the Buy/Add list on the device Cloud storage for a shared Buy/Add list For the first item I’m going to use SQLite. The question here is … Continue reading

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