Storytron Summer 2019 Update

The End

Crawford’s “un-quitting” has made me question my current plans to support and enhance the Storytron code.

While we currently have permission to host the Storytron source code I now realize that this permission could be revoked at any time. There are probably some unresolved copyright issues around the entire code base that I did not think of last year or feel that I had to worry about until now.

Because of these ambiguities I am suspending all of my current Storytron 1.0 work except where noted below.

The Tutorial

An initial Gossip storyworld has been uploaded to its own repository and I have started work on a tutorial wiki that explains the internal workings of this storyworld. I am going to continue working on this tutorial until I feel it adequately illustrates how its companion storyworld is constructed and operates. I make no promises but I will do my best.

The pages from the original Storytron Author’s Guide have been moved to the SWAT wiki. The original Storytron Tutorial can be found here. Both of the original sites are mirrored at this wiki.

The Other Editors

I will not be attempting to integrate the Encounter Editor or the Face Editor into the SWAT application at this time.

The Repositories

One new repository, Siboot, has been uploaded. This was the second attempt to re-imagine the game Trust & Betrayal: The Legacy of Siboot using Storytron technology (the first attempt can be found here).

All existing repositories will remain online for future spelunking and forking.

The Publications

The Storytron Google Group will remain online as a historical archive though I plan on disabling the ability of existing members to post on July 1st. I suggest that people still interested in interactive storytelling check out the Interactive Fiction Community Forum.

This Storytron publication on Medium will remain online as well.

The Patreon

I have paused the July billing cycle so existing patrons should not get charged for the month of July. I plan on messaging existing patrons individually to thank them for their support and tell them to withdraw their current pledges.

Our Patreon online balance currently stands at $263.35. I plan on using this money to renew our existing URLs and mailboxes for an extended period of time. I will donate whatever remains after that to the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation.

The Future

First, I would like to thank all of you for your support, advice, and suggestions over the past year.

I do not know what I will work on next related to interactive storytelling. I might revisit my original StoryCalc idea. My NarraScope adventure two weeks ago renewed my interest in Inform 7 and its open sourcing excites me. I am also part of Spirit AI’s Character Engine beta and I am very interested in figuring out how it works.

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