Siboot – One Year Later

After a year of part-time work I’m committing to a January 2011 release of Siboot. This release will include:

  • Backstory and basic verb set outlined inĀ Design Document 4
  • Interstitial stories (as many as possible, the number of stories will determine if this will be a point release or version 1.0)

I believe the decision to adapt Chris’ 1987 Trust & Betrayal: The Legacy of Siboot is still a sound one since it allowed me to focus on technical implementation of an existing set of characters and situations. Actual development has taken longer than anticipated due to the steep learning curve associated with Storytron and my own novice storyworld builder status. Several design decisions still remain to be made, particularly how to handle the Act 3 mental combat (I’m leaning towards multiple days/nights like in the original Trust & Betrayal) but, after a year of misdirections, false starts, and one or two satori, I believe the groundwork has been laid for a successful 2010.

Over a year ago I wrote in another forum “If you can’t make the neophyte storybuilder have a significant (to them) dramatic interaction within the first (yes, first) hour, they’ll put down their mouse and go back to YouTube.” I still believe that. Unfortunately, the current tools do not come close to achieving this one-hour rule.

Still, I remain optimistic and committed to the verb-based, process intensive, minimalistic approach embodied by Storytron. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the current tools to prevent dedicated authors from building storyworlds. The lack of money, time, or better tools is no excuse if Storytron is to succeed.

In Faust, Goethe wrote “Der Worte sind genug gewechelt, lasst mich auch endlich Taten sehn!” – Enough words have been exchanged; now at last let me see some deeds”

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