Siboot – One Year, Eleven Months, Three Days After

After outlining what he thought what went wrong with Storytron, Chris sent out an email on December 1st to the team outlining his plans for the future to address the negative lessons from Storytron. Despite my disappointment and bitterness, I find myself intrigued by this new approach and it will be interesting to see where this research leads him.

However, since this new direction invalidates all of the work done on Siboot to date and I am not willing to wait a year until Chris unveils the next incarnation of Storytron, I am permanently suspending development of the Storytron version of Siboot and looking at other options for interactive storytelling. There will be no January 2011 release.

I have a great amount of respect for Chris’ past work, admire what he has accomplished to date, and wish him the best in future endeavors.

For those interested, here’s a PDF of the notebook I used during Siboot development (you can download the PDF here).


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