Siboot Design Document 8


  • Added “return greeting” back into storyworld.
  • Considered single-use vs. multiple-use of verbs. Decided to defer implementation until later.
  • Implemented the “flatter” verb roles and options
  • Began work on implementing the “say” verb


Should verbs be classified as single-use or multiple-use?

Let’s say the Verb:return greeting Role:ThisSubject has the following Options: flatter, say, promise won’t betray, offer to reveal. Furthermore, let’s classify flatter and promise won’t betray as single-use; say and offer to reveal as multiple-use.

If you select the Option flatter, the event executes and you are presented with that verb’s options – Verb:flatter Role:ThisSubject Options: say, promise won’t betray, offer to reveal. Since flatter is classified as a single-use verb it doesn’t show up in the Options list (this is done manually by no including the verb in the list).

Next you select the Option offer to reveal. The event executes and you are presented with that verb’s options – Verb:offer to reveal Role:ThisSubject Option: flatter, say, promise won’t betray, offer to reveal. Wait a minute, you exclaim, flatter was already used so it shouldn’t show up in this verb’s Option list. True, but since the inclusion or exclusion of a verb is handled manually, it’s impossible to know at design time what verbs will be used prior to a specific verb being used in an event.

Is there a way to create an Acceptable script for a verb that will exclude a verb from an Option list based on what verb it’s in (you wouldn’t want flatter to appear as an option in the flatter verb) or based on if it’s been used in this particular Subject/DirObject conversation (I assume a history book search would be required). I’m looking into whether this is possible or not but I thought I’d ask here too. I’ve created Acceptable scripts to exclude Option verbs based on stage conditions but don’t know if it’s possible in Sappho to determine what verb you operating in.

Or am I making my life too difficult. Should I forget about single-use vs. multiple-use and just let all verbs appear irregardless (“I love those shoes!”, “I love that hat”, etc.).

Came up with an Acceptable script to exclude a verb from Option list if that verb is the meta-verb.

    <verb in Option list>

The method is simply


After some thought I’ve decided to sidestep the question of single-use verb vs. multiple-use verb unless not implementing it causes me problems down the road. I’m sure I could come up with an implementation that handles both situations but there are a lot more critical things to get finished in the five months remaining before the Siboot release.


It took longer than I expected to implement the flatter verb. You can read about the work in these posts:


Worked on implementing the say verb. You can read about it in these posts:

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