ScrumSheets MVP

ScrumSheets is a new project that I’m working on to teach myself ASP.NET MVC web development. I might also end up creating a tool that I can use at work (where everybody uses Microsoft Excel for things it’s not designed for like project management because it’s “free”). My goal is to create something that can be used for Agile project management that’s easy to use as a spreadsheet.

Items (either epics, user stories, tasks, or bugs) are displayed in a list. At the bottom of the list an item template is always displayed. Clicking the Disk icon in the item template creates a new item.


Items in the list can be sorted manually by click-holding on an item’s List icon and dragging the item up and down the list.


Hovering over the an item’s Magnifying Glass icon displays a popup so you can quickly view the details and sub-tasks associated with an item without opening it.


You can view and modify who’s assigned to an item by clicking its User Assigned icon.


You can view and modify an item’s status by clicking its colored Status Square.


Clicking on an item’s Pencil icon expands a list item for editing. To save your changes you click the Disk icon, to revert your changes you click the Undo icon.


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