ScrumSheets in ASP.NET MVC

I came up with the idea of ScrumSheets back in October of 2014, dissatisfied with the project management tools provided by my employer. Up until then I’d been shoehorning Excel to manage the Scrum process, coming up with some spreadsheets let me track user stories, track estimated and remaining hours, and create burn down charts.

But Excel wasn’t designed for that. It didn’t handle sorting and adding new items to the backlog well. I wanted something lightweight that was web-based for multiple location collaboration that was also as easy to customize as a spreadsheet.

After mocking up the idea I was able to get a scrollable list of items with dummy data up and running using ASP.NET MVC and JQuery. By manually selecting an individual item in the list you could reposition it in the list by dragging it to a new position.

Update (12/12/17) – Never moved beyond this using ASP.NET MVC. But in December of 2017 I found a tool called Coda that made me revisit the Scrumsheets idea. More to come.

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