Re-Flashing Printrbot Simple Firmware Again

I had to re-flash the firmware of my Printrbot Simple this morning for the second time. It was printing fine last night but when I tried printing this morning I could connect to the printer and move the print head to the home position but I couldn’t move the print bed in individual millimeter increments. Also, when I tried to print the extruder wouldn’t heat up. (It’s interesting that this happens – definitely confirms my thoughts that we’re still in the innovators/early adopters stage of this market.)

So I dug out my notes from my last re-flash and followed these steps:

  1. Shorted out the jumper pins with a white rectangular jumper that I scavenged from an old PC (I’ll have to buy a spare this week).
  2. With the printer plugged in but not connected to the laptop, pressed the reset button for several seconds.
  3. Connected the printer to the laptop.
  4. Ran the Atmel Flip application.
  5. In the Flip application
    1. Clicked the Target Device icon and selected AT90USB1286 as the device.
    2. Clicked the Communication Medium icon, selected USB, and then clicked Open in the USB Port Connection dialog.
    3. Selected the Erase, Blank Check, Program, and Verify check boxes.
    4. Selected Load HEX File from the File menu and, in the Load HEX/A90 File dialog select the file named “Marlin-unified-v2.hex”.
    5. Clicked the Run button. The program displayed “Erasing, Programming, Verifying…” dialogs and ended with a “Verify PASS” in the status bar.
  6. Quit the Flip application.
  7. Unplugged the printer from the laptop.
  8. Removed the white rectangular jumper from the jumper pins.
  9. Pressed the reset button on the printer.
  10. Reconnected the printer to the laptop.
  11. Started Repetier-Host.
  12. In Repetier-Host
    1. Connect to the printer.
    2. In Manual Control
      1. Manipulated the print head along the printer’s X, Y, and Z axis’s.
      2. Sent G-Code “M92 X119 Y119 Z2020 E102” to the printer ¬†and received OK acknowledgement.
      3. Sent G-Code “M211 X100 Y100 Z115” to the printer and received OK Acknowledgement.
      4. Tested heating up the extruder and turning on the fan.
  13. Quit Repetier-Host.
  14. Disconnect printer from laptop.
  15. Power down printer.
  16. Power up printer.
  17. Connect printer to laptop.
  18. Start Repetier-Host.
  19. Print 10mm test cube.

Steps 13-18 are necessary because if you start printing right after re-flashing the firmware and sending the calibration information to the printer via Repetier, the dimensions on the print are off. You can see this in the picture below.


Both calibration cubes were printed from the 10mm cube STL. The one on the left, which was printed immediately after step 12, has the dimensions 13.9mm x 13.9mm x 10mm (width, depth, height). The cube on the left, which was printed after step 19, has the dimensions of 10.1mm x 10.1mm x 10.1mm.

Don’t know why this happens, maybe the printer has to be powered down so it reads all it’s configuration fresh from the EEPROM. (I’ll have to ask and next week’s 3D printer user group meeting at AS220).

Also removed the electrical components from a broken desk lamp that was handing around so I could use it to hold the spools of plastic filament and feed it to the printer without snarls. I’ve only got one spool right now but another one has been ordered and is on the way (the holder should be able to support two or three spools).


Also printed a skull and two snakes (I’ve gone through the 1/2 kg. of clear filament that came with the printer so now I’m using the black filament that I purchases as part of my original order).


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