Old Projects

Campaign Puppets
Where’s George
Teen Talk
Balance of the Planet
Time Bandits
Siboot for Storytron
No Fun Summer Math
My American Friend
Spell It


Campaign Puppets.


Viand – Simple grocery shopping.

scrumsheets-1ScrumSheets – Replacing the use of spreadsheets for project management.


Where’s George – Twitter for cats and dogs.


Teen Talk – An iPad/iPhone game written in Xamarin.iOS. The goal is to become the most popular kid in your social circle by praising some of your friends and tearing down others. Ported from Chris’ Mac Java code, it’s a re-imagining of his 1982 Gossip game for the Atari 400/800. I kept a development log that you can read if you’re interested and you can download Chris’ Macintosh version here. Support page

EarthBalance of the Planet – iPad environmental management simulation “game.”

time_banditsTime Bandits – An educational card game for two or more players where you construct a timeline of events from American history while simultaneously trying to gain points by “stealing” those same events and the famous people associated with them.

mojotech-logoMojoTech – A local company here in Providence that I did some product and project management work for back in 2012.

camelot_1Camelot – An iOS political game written in Objective C. As one of the candidates in the 2012 Republican primary race for president you try and maneuver your way to the Republican nomination through a combination of campaign appearances, polarizing rhetoric, and slanted advertising. May the “best” candidate win.

Trust_and_BetrayalSiboot – An attempt to recreate Chris Crawford’s Trust & Betrayal: The Legacy of Siboot using his Storytron technology. You can also check out the Storytron tutorial and documentation wiki that I created and an old weblog that I used to chronicle my initial design and development.

quickgifter_512QuickGifter – An iOS app written in Objective C, designed to helping a person manage a library of significant other’s likes and dislikes in order to buy them the perfect gift for every occasion.

NoFunSummerMathNo Fun Summer Math – A REALBasic program written over a summer weekend in 2010 to help my daughter practice her math. It automatically ran at login so my daughter couldn’t use any other programs until she attempted to solve the assigned problems (hence it’s name). It had options like number of questions, level of difficulty, and type of test. Test results were automatically written to a log file.

NoFunSummerMath2My American Friend – This was a start-up that I briefly worked on with two friends in Los Angeles. The goal was creating an Internet social network to facilitate English as a Second Language (ESL) learning for Asian students using American teachers. Like most start-ups it never got beyond the concept and planning stages for a variety of reasons.

SpeakAndSpell2Spell It – A REALBasic program I wrote to help my daughter with her spelling that was inspired by my cousin’s Speak & Spell from the 70′s. After it spoke each word you entered the spelling using either the manual or onscreen keyboard. You could track your progress using a word list that showed the number of words you had attempted to spell and how many times it took you to arrive at the correct spelling for each word. You could also modify and save word lists and associate a sentence with each word that could be spoken for clarity and understanding.