“O that men’s ears should be to counsel deaf but not to flattery!”

Three items remained on the flattery to do list:

  • Determine the weights for belief equation parameters.
  • Substitute aFalse_Honest for Credulous_Suspicious (Chris’ suggestion)
  • Create direct object EmotionalReaction scripts in response to flattery.

After all my experimentation, I decided to leave the belief equation parameter weights set to 0.0. That give me a nice response distribution.

It’s probably not perfect but it’s good enough. I can always go back and tweak the weights based on beta testing results.

Couldn’t figure out how to select aFalse_Honest as a belief parameter instead of Credulous_Suspicious in SWAT. After Chris emailed me about problems posting replies to the message board (where I asked about selecting accord traits for equations) I emailed him but haven’t heard anything back. So I left the Credulous_Suspicious trait in.

Created the Emotional Reaction scripts for the believe, thanks, is skeptical, and rejects verbs. All four verbs adjust the perceived False_Honest trait of the actor being flattered towards the actor flattering by the results of the belief equation (which will be a BNumber in the range of -0.99 to 0.99). Only the believe verb has a second Emotional Reaction script – it will adjusts the perceived Hated_Loved of the actor being flattered towards the actor flattering by blending the results of the belief equation with the inverse of the flatter magnitude.

This Emotional Reaction is restricted to the only the believe verb because I decided that only if you believe an actor’s flattery would how much you hated or loved them change. If you don’t believe their flattery, how much you hate or love them will remain the same. Again, probably not perfect but good enough for now.

I moved all of the flattery code from the mini-storyworld into the Siboot storyworld.

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