Gossip Verb Web 1.0.1

I just finished hooking up the basic affinity verbs for the Gossip tutorial storyworld.

Verb Web v1.0.1 Implementation

The version I implemented is a little more linear than the verb web I originally came up. All the verbs are the same but the links between individual verbs in the original design was more “web-like.”

Verb Web v1.0.1 Original Design

I originally envisioned having multiple roles spawning off a single verb. After you greeted a character they would automatically return your greeting while you were selecting who you wanted to talk about. I did fool around with setting different Times To Prepare on individual verbs but that didn’t sequence things correctly.

It might be possible to implement my original design but it can wait until I get the basic tutorial storyworld up and running and start writing some pages for the tutorial wiki. For now this simple, “linear” verb web will suffice. It’s something I can build on and experiment with later.

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