Gossip Tutorial Outline

I believe I am ready to start writing the Gossip tutorial wiki. Yesterday I finished hooking up all the verbs in the 1.0.1 verb web together. Today I created an outline/map for the topics I want to cover and the corresponding entries in the SWAT wiki that will have to be written (the outline colors map to various wiki elements).

  • Dark Purple – Tutorial topics
  • Medium Purple – Tutorial sub-topics
  • Light Purple – Links to SWAT manual information

For the SWAT wiki I believe I can start by cutting and pasting from the original Storytron tutorial and author’s guide. Probably a good idea since I’ve have no idea how long they will remain available (they’ve been up there for years but one never knows).

I have to admit that I find myself quite excited to start writing this tutorial. At first I thought it was going to be a chore but I remembered a question that was posted many years ago on the old Storytron board.

The question asked something like “Is SWAT Too Hard?” (I don’t remember the exact wording). My reply was something along the lines of “Yes, it is. A storyworld builder needs to have a significant dramatic experience within the first 5 or 10 minutes of opening SWAT.” I went on a bit more but that was the gist.

I think this new Gossip storyworld and tutorial will enable a storyworld author to have a that “dramatic” 5-10 minute experience with SWAT. I don’t know how “dramatic” their experience will be but it will certainly introduce them to some of the basic concepts of Storytronics and give them some things to try on their own to expand this tutorial storyworld, maybe even serve as a basis for their own storyworld.

I have no illusions about that happening. But it has to be done to achieve even the archival aims of this project.

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