Gossip Personality Model

Teen Talk

Teen Talk has three traits that model an actor’s personality.

  • Gullible – How likely an actor will believe or disbelieve what another actor says
  • Dishonest – How likely an actor will lie or tell the truth to another actor
  • Vain – How likely an actor will believe what another actor tells them about themselves

The Storytron personality model has three default traits.

  • Bad_Good – How pleasant or helpful an actor is
  • False_Honest – The integrity and truthfulness of an actor
  • Timid_Dominant – The charisma and force of personality of an actor

All traits, whether Teen Talk or Gossip, are relative to other actors.

Teen Talk’s Dishonest can be mapped directly to Storytron’s False_Honest. One down. I could add a Storytron Cynical_Gullible trait to map Teen Talk’s Gullible. There might be another way.

For each Storytron trait, which tells you what an actor is really like, there is an a corresponding accordance trait, which indicates how readily an actor accords or grants high values of an trait to others. For example, False_Honest has an accordance trait of accordFalse_Honest. If Vetvel has a high accord_False_Honest then he readily assumes that other actors have high values of False_Honest. In other words, he is gullible. So I can use Storytron’s accordFalse_Honest to indicate how Teen Talk Gullible an actor is.

I am going to add a new trait, Vain_Humble, to map Teen Talk’s Vain since none of the default Storytron traits or their accordance traits can handle that.

So the initial mapping to Teen Talk traits to Gossip traits looks like this.

Teen TalkGossip

While I don’t intend to use Bad_Good or Timid_Dominant in the initial version of the Gossip storyworld I will keep them in the personality model for possible future use.

The initial values for each Teen Talk character’s Gullible, Dishonest, and Vain are as follows.


Reviewing the Teen Talk code does not give any indication of the lower and upper limits of traits so I am going to make an assumption that that their lower and upper limits are 0.0 and 1.0 respectively.

Since the code is no help I took a look at the descriptions associated with each character and pulled out these phrases.

Owen“honest to a fault”
“not at all gullible”
Max“believes anything people tell him”
“lonely and wants to make friends”
“reasonably honest”
Ella“spent years lying about her past to fit in”
Mort“she found out he was lying to her [for two years]”
“is a suspicious fellow”
Zoe“always changing her outfit because of something she read”
“parents right, ton of clothes”
“other than those things, pretty normal”

So I believe my assumption that Teen Talk traits can have values from 0.0 to 1.0 is correct. I am going to make another assumption and say that the closer you are to 1.0, the more of that trait you are.

Owen “honest to a fault” (Dishonest 0.8)
“not at all gullible” (Gullible 0.2)
Max“believes anything people tell him” (Gullible 0.8)
is “lonely and wants to make friends” (Vain 0.7)
is “reasonably honest” (Dishonest 0.0)
Ella“spent years lying about her past to fit in (Dishonest 0.7)
Mort“she found out he was lying to her” (Dishonest 0.8)
“is a suspicious fellow” (Gullible 0.0)
Zoe“always changing her outfit because of something she read”
(Vain 0.8, Gullible 0.7)

Notice the one outlier? How can Owen be “honest to a fault” with a Dishonest of 0.8? I was unable to find the original Java code that Chris Crawford sent me so I don’t know if the the mistake was in his code or mine. I am going to assume it was a mistake on my part and modify Owen’s Dishonest to reflect the description of him, changing it from 0.8 to 0.0.

So here is the final table to Teen Talk personality values. I am not including Bara in this table because she is the protagonist; you play her in the game so she is whatever you are (I don’t know why her Gullible is 0.5, probably another mistake on my part).


Translating the original trait numbers into BNumber values gives me some initial traits values for the Gossip storyworld.

Gossip Actor Personality Traits

These will serve as a starting point that can be modified as needed.

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