“Follow Your Weird”

A transcript of Bruce Sterling‘s “The Wonderful Power of Storytelling” talk at the Computer Game Developer’s Conference in 1991. (Schismatrix is still one of my favorite books.)

“That’s why I’m here as your guest speaker tonight, ladies and gentleman, It’s because I can think fast on my feet. It’s because I’m the kind of author who likes to hang out in Adolf Hitler’s home town with the High Priestess of Weird [Brenda Laurel].”

“My art, science fiction writing, is pretty new as literary arts go, but it labors under the curse of three thousand years of literacy. In some weird sense I’m in direct competition with Homer and Euripides. I mean, these guys aren’t in the SFWA, but their product is still taking up valuable rack-space. You guys on the other hand get to reinvent everything every time a new platform takes over the field. This is your advantage and your glory. This is also your curse.”

More here.

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