Developer vs. Good Googler

Scott Hanselman’s reply to developer who asked him the following question:

Some time in my mind sounds come that Is that I am really a developer or just a good Googler. I don’t know what is the answer I am googler or I am developer. Scott Please clear on my mind on this please.

I wonder that sometimes about myself, especially since the jobs I do or the side projects I work on always seem to be at the edge of what I know how to do or what I’ve done in the past. I’ve worked with a lot of extremely smart people over the years, smarter than me, so sometimes the thought that I’m a fraud creeps into my head.

Scott’s suggestions:

  • Remember, you grow when you work outside your comfort zone.
  • Practice. Do Code Katas or problems on Project Euler
  • Program for a day without Googling
  • Think about the problem instead of copying code from Stack Overflow
  • Get involved with others who feel about technology like you do

(via Scott Hanselman)

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