Designing On The Campaign Trail

The plan was to have Camelot in the AppStore sometime in September but this didn’t happen. Various things “conspired” to prevent this but the bottom line is I didn’t focus like I did with QuickGifter™. I did manage to do some design work for the iPad version over the past three months but no actual Objective C programming.

Earlier I had decided on the general iPad layout, determining that there would be three major gameplay modes – Activities, Strategy, and Polls.


Selecting the Activities tab initially displays the locations of the candidates and significant current events on the map. Underneath the candidate icons is a list of events, both current and historic.


Selecting a current event in the event list displays an additional details about the event and gives you a list of actions you can take based on that event.

Selecting a candidate’s location on the map displays the selected candidates schedule for the upcoming week in the Action area – what state they’re in on each day and what their morning, afternoon, and evening activities while they’re in that state. I envisioned being able to change a candidates’ schedule by dragging a future location to a new location on the map. I also thought you should be able to change a candidates’ daily activities by selecting a new activity type in the Action area for a particular day and time period.


Selecting the Strategy tab allows you to add or remove states from your electoral strategy (the meta-goal was that the game would automatically create candidate schedules that you could modify based on the electoral strategy you selected).

Tapping a state once would turn it your parties color (blue = Democrat; red = Republican). Tapping a colored state a second time would turn it back to its neutral state, removing it from your electoral count.

As you add states to your electoral strategy the electoral count is displayed underneath the map.


Once you’ve created a strategy you like, you can “lock” it (maybe it would be automatically locked once you reach the required number of electoral votes). Once your electoral strategy is locked the neutral states would be filled in with the opposite parties color.


Selecting the Polls tab displays how states are leaning at the current time – Strong Democrat, Weak Democrat, Tied, Weak Republican, Strong Republican. Selecting a state displays how it went in previous presidential elections and the top issues the state’s voters are concerned about.

That’s the extent of my iPad design work so far.

Camelot will still be my next iOS project but I’ve decided to refocus my design and development efforts, concentrating on the Republican primary instead of the general Presidential election and targeting the iPhone instead of the iPad.


More later.

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