Camelot iPad Design

Here’s the high-level design for Camelot’s main screen.

Campaign info will be displayed in the upper left (the info area will expand to accomodate the number of candidates in the race). Your candidates are at the top. Directly underneath the campaign info is a scrollable list of campaign events that appear in chronological order. Campaign events are selectable and can be reacted to (unless too much time has gone by).

On the right, from top to bottom, are the following sections:

  • Activities|Strategy|Polls toolbar
  • US Map
  • Timeline
  • Activities|Strategy|Polls command area

The toolbar lets you select the mode for the map and command area.

The map display will change depending on the mode selected and also recognize common iOS gestures like tapping, pinching in or out, panning, or dragging. (I’ll cover map specifics in another post.)

Since Camelot is going to be a real-time strategy game, the timeline will display where you are in the election cycle (left is the start; right is election day). I’ll probably have to put a pause button in there somewhere since I plan on having limited pause-ability so you can collect your wits when things get too fast and furious on the campaign trail. Might also add some speed controls.

The command area displays information and/or commands based on your mode and your selections in either the map or events areas.

Link to previous design sketches

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