Camelot Notes

Below are some notes about CP that I probably wrote after playing Flight Control on the iPad, which lead me to the realization that an iPad game, no matter how complex behind the scenes, need to be simple to play.

I guess you could look at this as a first step towards a high-level design document.


Can you get a politician elected President of the United States in the next fifteen minutes?

A real-time political strategy game.

Should take < 1 minute to do following from single screen:

  1. Choose your political party – Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, etc.
  2. Choose your political candidates – presets or custom.
  3. Choose your electoral strategy – presets and/or custom.
  4. Choose your campaign theme(s) and theme weights.
  5. Choose your vice presidential candidate.

Program schedules candidates based on electoral strategy and poll status.

US map is continuous display of which way states might go in shades of red/blue based on behind the scenes polls.

The only candidate you can modify is the presidential candidate.

  • You can modify focus of candidate’s daily schedule – rally, fund raising, special events.
  • You can modify focus of candidate’s daily theme.
  • You can modify candidate schedule by dragging new routes ahead of where candidate is currently campaigning to respond to events.
  • You can respond to mini-events during the campaign – debates, scandals, foreign affairs, domestic affairs, natural disasters, etc.

How to handle political advertising?

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