Balance of the Planet – Tax Histograms

Chris is worried that I won’t be able to implement the tax histogram charts I’ve designed in the space available.

As to the layouts themselves, I am dubious that you’ll be able to make those histograms workable. The absolute minimum width is one pixel per year, which would require only a hundred pixels of width, but with margins and such, it could bite into the other areas.

On the left is my initial design which mirrors Chris’ original 1990 design on the right (I’ve moved the controls for changing the taxable amount underneath the chart, Chris had them elsewhere on the screen).


What’s not immediately apparent in my design is that the square window that contains the histogram data is merely a view into a small slice of all the data collected so far. Once the game starts each chart is built up column by column, left to right. Once the initial view is filled up, the older columns disappear off to the left.


By tapping and holding on the chart you can “scrub” left or right to display the entire data set.


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