Balance of Power iPad Design

Chris Crawford emailed me a couple of days ago.

On another front, I’ve had three people ask me in the last month of I could do the original Balance of Power (from back in 1985) on the iPhone. I don’t have time to learn the iPhone technology, but if you’d like to take the project, I’ll handle the redesign issues if you’ll do the iPhone stuff, and we could split the proceeds 50-50. Do you think it would be worth our collective whiles?

I replied

I’m interested in collaborating with you on a version of Balance of Power for the iPhone/iPad platform.

I’ve made some assumptions (let me know if any are incorrect):

You have the rights to the original Balance of Power games so legally we can do this.

You envision this as a native iPhone/iPad application, written in Objective-C, no Storytron technology, no web.

You know that Apple keeps 30% of all application revenue so the 50/50 split (which is o’kay by me) is actually 35/35.

You envision this as a “retro” project since you mentioned the 1985 version of Balance of Power (I actually think this is a good way to go since we can use in-app purchasing to sell additional time periods or scenarios).

This is a part-time project for both of us, you’re still working on Le Morte, I’m still working on Siboot. I’ve also got some other contracts to maintain and there’s always the 925 grind (sigh).

I strongly recommend targeting the iPad instead of the iPhone for several reasons:
* Larger screen size – 7 3/4 x 5 3/4 (iPad) vs. 3 x 2 (iPhone/iPodTouch).
* Fewer iPad games (1,848) vs. iPhone (61,8583) means better exposure i.e. sales.
* Even in it’s 1985 incarnation, BoP is not a “casual” game and better suited to the environment where the iPad is typically used (relatively stationary vs. on-the-go for the iPhone).

What do you think?

And did some initial sketches for the iPad version of Balance of Power.

Here’s how the world map might look on the iPad zoomed out.


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