“Ask not what XCode can do for you…”

Began Camelot development today, figuring out how XCode 4.2’s new Storyboard tool allows you to hook up view controllers to Scenes and create Segues between Scenes, abstracting away a lot of the heavy lifting that was involved with creating a 3.x workflow.

Below is the start of a rough outline of the game’s manual.

  • You select your candidate.

– You can modify your candidate’s position on issues?

– Strategy

– Select by state, by region, by primary date, i.e. Super Tuesday.
– Determines initial scheduling.

  • You select your primary options.

– Don’t have any primary options right now.

  • You select the Start button.

  • The Primaries screen is the first screen displayed after you select the Start button.

  • There are three main screens.

– Primaries

– Displays state primaries and caucuses in date order, earliest to latest.

– Each table cell displays the state abbreviation, state name, and primary/caucus date on the first line. On the second line is a state poll displaying the top three candidate’s percentages in this state (colors only) along with an Other category, aggregating the remaining candidates’ percentages and the number of delegates at stake in this state.

– Selecting the Detail Disclosure indicator in the table cell displays the State Campaign Details screen.

– Schedule

– Displays your candidate’s schedule and allows you to change what state your candidate is visiting on a particular day.

– At the top of the screen is a monthly calendar view. You can switch between months by using the left and right arrows at the top of the calendar.

– You cannot select a calendar month if the Current Date has passed that month by. For example, if the Current Date is Mar 14 2012 you cannot display the Jan or Feb calendars.

– Selecting a calendar date displays the state your candidate is visiting in a table cell at the bottom of the screen.

– If your candidate is visiting a state on the selected day then your candidate’s icon will be displayed in the cell along with the state’s abbreviation, name, and primary/caucus date.

– A Disclosure Indicator is displayed in the cell whether or not your candidate is visiting a state on the date selected.

– Selecting the Disclosure Indicator displays the State Selection screen.

– Candidates

– Displays a list of candidates in the primary race.

– The following information is displayed in each candidate’s cell.

– Candidate icon
– Current location – State abbreviation, state name; number of days in state (if greater than one).
– Candidate activity in state – Rally, speech, meet & greet, photo op, interview, endorsement, debate, etc.
– Activity modifier – The issue that is the focus of the candidate’s activity (optional).
– Opponent – Who the candidate is targeting with their activity/modifier (optional).
– Detailed Disclosure – Selecting this will display the Candidate Details screen.

  • You can switch between the three main screens by selecting the appropriate icon in the tab bar at the bottom of the screen.

  • The Current Date is displayed at the top of the three main screens.

– The Current Date is incremented one day at a time while any of the main screens are displayed.

  • Other screens

– State Campaign Details

– Poll
– Top Issues
– Ads
– Grassroots


– State Selection

– Sorting

– By Primary Date
– By Alphabet


– None

– Candidate Details

– Summary
– Issue Positions

– Issue Position Selection

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