Chris delivers “final” version of source code with following changes:

  1. Global variable iAgree has been renamed to iLikeWhatIHear to make the code easier to read
  2. I have stripped out the entire spring relaxation process, for a variety of reasons I won’t explain here. This led to the elimination of global variables locationX,locationY
  3. Eliminated global variable knows as part of a change in the presentation of arrows in drawHexagon
  4. Replaced global variable initial popularity by making popularity a 2 dimensional array and storing values by turn; this helped in debugging.
  5. Added new global variable vain to improve character responses
  6. Added debugging global variables flatteryDamage andsuspectDamage
  7. Moved assignment of value for fDebug to top of program.
  8. Edited wording in one of the directFeedback sets
  9. Edited a number of loops to run from 0 to cCharactersinstead of 0 to maxCharacters
  10. Rewrote initialization effects of difficultyLevel during level initialization.
  11. Ralculated starting Popularity during level initialization
  12. Initialized cCharacters to lowest value during game initialization
  13. Eliminated transparency of arrows in highestdifficultyLevel.
  14. Added calculations of flattery in AI section
  15. Eliminated methods totalEnergy() and relax()
  16. A variety of petty changes in line spacing, local variable naming, and other trivial stuff.
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