140 Words Per Day

I’ve always wanted to write more whether it was in my journal, on this blog, or expanding on some of the story ideas I’ve had over the years. I probably have fifteen to twenty books on fiction writing and grammar. Many years ago I was into writing screenplays and I’ve probably started one short story or two that never went anywhere. Last year I even started a 50,000 word novel during National Novel Writing Month but after a couple of days got bogged down in my own stressful inadequacies as a fiction writer and quit.

At heart I don’t think I’m a fiction writer. While the idea appeals to me I don’t seem to have any burning desire to sit my ass in a chair day after day  and put fiction words on a page. I get really stressed out and fight the constant “is it good enough feeling.” I don’t seem to have the same difficulty when writing non-fiction or computer code.

A couple of days ago, just to see what the answer was, I figured out how many words a person would end up with if they wrote 140 words a day for 365 days. The answer surprised me–51,100 words.

So I’ve decided to see if I can write 140 words a day. It can be in my journal, it can be in a blog post, it can be part of a short story, it can be a design document for a game. There are only a couple of rules:

  • They have to be my words. Quotes or pictures (which equal 1000 words) don’t count towards the 140 quota.
  • I can write more than 140 words a day but they don’t “add up,” i.e. I can’t write 980 words one day and be good for the week. I’ve got to write 140 words every day.

Off to a good start, 304 words.

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